Hand Cut Acacia Wood Grooved Cube Table Lamp

Welcome to rustic romance. With an eye-catching silhouette that is both complex and inviting, the Acacia Wood Grooved Cube Table Lamp designs an extraordinary ambiance with a friendly side. It’s got elegance and ruggedness all in one. You can just feel the warmth of this high-quality lamp offering up from across your expansive living room space. That warm inviting quality - not overbearing but eminently present - knows you could use it as much as you need; knowing when to be there for support or when to settle into a comfortable glow in its stead for comfort points home how thoughtful this design really is. Despite the complexity of silhouette, this lamp feels surprisingly light and easy on your eyes thanks to the silky touch of acacia wood.

* Can be used with a G40 bulb*

  • Acacia Wood
  • Hand-Cut
  • Acacia Wood is naturally antibacterial, mold, and insect resistant. It also remains unchanged when exposed to water. These unique properties give Acacia wood an edge over other varieties
  • Length 4 inch
  • Breadth 4 inch
  • Height 8 inch

Though naturally smooth, acacia touts a distinctive straight or wavy grain pattern, making every product unique and one-of-a-kind
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