Terracotta Bread Pan

Make your baked goods as fresh as ever with the help of this terracotta bread pan.  These baking pans are perfect for holiday gifts and housewarming celebrations. Made from premium, environmentally friendly clay, the amazingly durable little pot won't let you down no matter how much time and love you're giving to each baking project. The natural stoneware is also naturally resistant to bacteria and mold so there's no complication when it comes to making sure your meal will not disappoint any pallets.

  • Terracotta
  • Soak it overnight prior to use. Wash with a mild detergent or lime. Dry off completely before storing or using
  • Terracotta is a strong, durable material that is also naturally resistant to mold and bacteria
  • Length 11 inch
  • Breadth 4.25 inch
  • Height 2.75 inch
 This product is handmade from natural clay with slight variations from one item to the next. Such variations make your purchase special and truly one-of-a-kind!
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